At LORTO of Nordelaia, executive chef Charles Pearce shares his love, enjoyment of discovery and desire to bring together local raw materials with innovative techniques and suggestions from around the world.

Chef Charles Pearce offers three different tasting itineraries that identify Nordelaia’s concept of gastronomic cuisine: two thematic menus, one dedicated to fish “Acqua,” one dedicated to seasonal vegetables “Terra,” and the chef’s tasting menu, for those who wish to be introduced to the culinary journey of LORTO and among the Chef’s iconic dishes.

  • Rhubarb
    custard, Earl Grey
  • Sturgeon
    white asparagus, beurre blanc
  • Nettle risotto
    clams, local pollen, bergamot
  • Ligurian langoustine raviolo
    fennel, carpione
  • Broad bean
    trout, spring herbs
  • Amberjack
    tartare condiments, smoked yolk, citrus
Left Parallax Background Element
Right Parallax Background Element
  • Pea, mint, marrow
  • “The Onion”
    milk bun, lard and honey
  • Plin
    sheep ricotta, wild garlic, flowers
  • Potato risotto
    smoked butter, fermented lemon
  • Cabbage 2.0
    double chicken jus, oxidised pear
  • Hazelnuts, Valrhona 80, apricot


One of Pearce’s signature dishes, which best expresses his values and technique, is Cabbage 2.0.  

Two main ingredients that overturn the logic of priorities: cabbage as the protagonist, chicken as an accompaniment.

Both are used with a “zero waste” perspective: a terrine of local Savoy cabbage from Acqui Terme is barbecued and brushed with chicken fat while cooking.

A fermented cabbage powder, obtained from the outer leaves to avoid any waste, adds an umami note to the dish, finishing with a dolceforte of oxidized pear and a double jus of chicken.


The wine list, designed by our Restaurant Manager Devis Chiodi in collaboration with expert Sommelier Davide Canina, emphasizes local realities, starting with Nordelaia’s own Calligram label. The five hectares of young vineyards of our Relais give life to our wine among which we mention Dolcetto, Barbera and our Rosé.The view of the oenological scene then widens to propose the best realities of the Piedmontese, Italian territory up to small forays into neighboring countries.


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